Prisma LUT Box User Guide

LightSpace CMS integration with the Prisma LUT Box User Guide

Prisma LUT Box

Initial Operation

Prisma Upload

The Upload menu is located under 'File/Upload'.

Profiling Operation

To activate the internal Patch Generator within the Prisma LUT box navigate to the desired LightSpace CMS profiling mode - Calibration Interface, or Display Characterisation.

When the patch window is activate within LightSpace (the LightSpace CMS internal floating patch window has been made active by clicking the small colour display box when using Quick Profiling or Manual Measure modes) the internal patch generator within the Prisma LUT Box will mimic the colour displayed within LightSpace, using the patch size pre-set via the 'Upload' window.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to LightSpace, with the Prisma LUT box displaying the required patches.

Note: If patch generation is not seen on the display to be profiled check there is a valid HDMI input signal going into the Prisma.

LUT Upload

After profiling a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal, and with the LUT held within LightSpace navigate back to the 'Upload' menu, and with the 'NULL Cube' tick box un-ticked, the present LUT displayed within LightSpace can be 'Uploaded' into the Prisma LUT box.

In this way, many different LUTs can be held within LightSpace CMS and quickly and easily uploaded into the Prisma LUT box as needed.

Black/White Level Re-scaling

With some signal configurations the black level can be lifted, and/or the peak white level reduced - this is due to incorrect EDID data communication between the signal source, the Prisma LUT box and display.

If such issues are seen the LUT will need to be re-scaled using 'Edit/LUT Manipulation/Prepend/1023->64-940'.

Remember to make a re-scaling Bypass LUT prior to profiling, or the patch values will not be correct.