NEC Monitor User Guide

LightSpace CMS integration with NEC's MultiSync displays

NEC Calibration

The NEC MultiSync PA Series, some P series, and select large screen displays that utilise the SpectraView engine, can be accurately calibrated via 3D LUTs generated using LightSpace CMS. The following are the present NEC display that can be calibrated via LightSpace.

Additionally the following sRGB displays also have 3D LUT capability.

Any other NEC display should be assumed to not have 3D LUT capability, and we suggest checking with NEC directly before a display purchase is made if intending to calibrate accurately via LightSpace CMS.

Initial Setup

These NEC displays can be calibrated using LightSpace CMS via LUT upload, although the actual profiling must be performed via a an external patch generator, such as the HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort output from the LightSpace CMS PC - see below.

NEC Upload

The Upload menu is located under 'File/Upload'.

Uploading a 'Null Cube' will re-set all the display parameters, so the Brightness/Contrast/Black-Level settings will need to set as per the Initial Display Set-up guide. To perform this use NEC's own MultiProfiler Software, using the "synchronise" function in MultiProfiler when switching from LightSpace to MultiProfiler to force the re-reading all of the relevant settings that LightSpace will have changed.

Calibration Operation

As NEC displays do not have suitable in-built patch generation the direct HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort connection from the LightSpace laptop/PC will be used for patch generation during profiling, using the NEC display in extended desktop mode.
(See Direct HDMI for Display Profiling for further info - this is important to read before starting profiling!)

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to LightSpace, with the extended desktop displaying the patches via the normal LightSpace patch window.

NEC Calibration

Extended Desktop, with the left hand side being the LightSpace Laptop/PC, and the right hand side the display being profiled.

LUT Upload

After profiling a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal, and with the LUT held within LightSpace navigate back to the 'Upload' menu, and with the 'NULL Cube' tick box un-ticked, the present LUT displayed within LightSpace can be 'Uploaded'. The location to upload to is selected via the 'Select Preset' option, as described above.

Repeat the process for all the available profile slots, enabling quick LUT swapping via the display OSD controls and the 5 presets.