BenQ Monitor User Guide

LightSpace CMS calibration of BenQ's PV270, SW270C, and SW321C displays

BenQ Calibration

The BenQ PV270, SW270C, and SW321C are presently the only displays in the BenQ range with 3D LUT capability, and can therefore be calibrated via LightSpace CMS.

No other BenQ display presently has 3D LUT capability.

Initial Setup

The BenQ display can be calibrated using LightSpace CMS via a LUT upload, although the actual profiling must be performed via a an external patch generator, such as via the HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort output from the LightSpace CMS PC - see below.

BenQ Upload

The Upload menu is located under 'File/Upload'.

The 'Options' menu is not really viable, and can realistically be ignored. The 'Brightness' and 'PWM' options it contains are better accessed via the Calibration Interface window, as they can be used interactively with Manual Measure to set peak luma.

BenQ Options

Note: Communication with BenQ displays is rather slow... be patient, especially when uploading a real 3D LUT!

Calibration Operation

As BenQ displays do not have suitable in-built patch generation an external Patch Generator must be used, such as via a direct HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort connection from the LightSpace laptop/PC, using the BenQ display in extended desktop mode.
(See Direct HDMI for Display Profiling for further info - this is important to read before starting profiling!)

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to LightSpace, with the extended desktop displaying the patches via the normal LightSpace patch window.

BenQ Calibration

Extended Desktop, with the left hand side being the LightSpace Laptop/PC, and the right hand side the display being profiled.

If using a hardware patch generator, follow the User Guide for that device, such as LightSpace Connect, or the DVDO AVLab, etc.

LUT Upload

After profiling a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal, and with the LUT held within LightSpace navigate back to the 'Upload' menu, and with the 'NULL Cube' tick box un-ticked, the present LUT displayed within LightSpace can be 'Uploaded' to the BenQ display. The location to upload to is selected via the 'Select Preset' option, as described above.